The Golden Oracle is an oracle deck and system of magic available as a free download under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License, which just means you can download it, print it yourself, and even modify and share it under certain conditions (see the license for full details).

The Golden Oracle is currently only available as a digital download, however, if you would like to purchase a physical copy of The Golden Oracle, please email me at

What Others Are Saying

The Golden Oracle is a remarkably innovative deck. It incorporates classic and relatable elements of other mystical systems, integrated with modern archetypes and dynamics. The final product can meet a variety of readers where they are at in their journey and enrich their lives and practice. The mathematical complexity and relationships in the deck offer endless food for contemplation, while the symbols are accessible for almost anyone to find meaning and resonance. Alice Phipps, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, M.A., AMFT
If you have not yet checked this deck out, you should do so now. It's a good deck for beginners and experienced readers alike. The images drag you into places that may terrify and enlighten you. I go to this deck every day, and I am a novice at card reading. My Mom

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